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Problem -

  • Are users having to open multiple calendars to find a team's schedule

  • Unable to find a convenient time slot for a meeting.

  • Just dont know where your colleagues are


Solution -


Ontime Group Calendar pulls configured users calendar information into one central location making it very easy to view multiple user schedules. 

Ontime Group calendar requires no custom mail file templates. The Ontime task monitors users calendars and if a change is made ontime will update to reflect this. 


  • Configured users calendars are in one place

  • Users can mark private appointments so the subjects are blanked out but show that they are unavailable during that time

  • No changes to mail file templates required

  • No need for the users to enter the data twice, if they manage their own calendar Ontime task will take care of everything else.

  • End users have the ability to group users in the calendar so they can see what their key people are doing.


Users can be part of multiple Ontime Group calendars and they only manage their own calendar.

Ontime group calendar also benefits from being web enabled out of the box, and for users that are on the road Ontime is now able to be displayed on mobile devices.


Users can use any of the following methods to access the Ontime Group calendar


From the office

  •          OnTime® Notes client - Supported on Win and Mac for Lotus Notes 8.5x Standard and above.

  •          OnTime® TAAG client (Team At A Glance) - Supported on Win and Mac for Lotus Notes 8.5x Standard and above. 

  •          OnTime® Discovery client - Supported on Win for Lotus Notes 7.x and above.

 On the Road

  •      Browser client

  •      OnTime® Mobile Calendar 

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