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Problem -

  • Unable to keep a track of all the domino administration changes happening with in your environment

  • Has replication or email routing ever stopped because of a connection/configuration change

  • Would you like to log who has made changes, and the values they were before the change was made

  • The option for uses to create change requests with the settings they would like to change so they can go through an approval cycle


Solution -

Ionet Change Manager is a native Notes, self-contained Change Control Management solution fora IBM Lotus Domino Server environments.

The Change Manager for Domino provides change reporting, change control management and change auditing for all Domino Server configuration and security settings, including Directory elements, use of Full Access Administration, Registry Keys, ACLs, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and Groups.

This allows Quality Assurance of changes (especially if servers in your environment are maintained by multiple Administrators), and ITIL/SOX/Auditing Compliance.


For example, if an Administrator in London wants to modify Mail Routing, another Administrator can review and approve the change before it gets implemented.


Even if you choose not to enforce Change Control, Administrators can still be alerted to relevant changes and revert them before they cause problems.

The Change Manager also assists with Problem Solving: you can easily see all recent changes in the Domino environment, to identify (or discount) Domino as the likely cause.

You can also provide auditing information via recording of changes and regular snapshots of the environment.

Further useful functions provide Benchmarking, Server Configuration Comparisons and Hub-Spoke Directory validation.

The Change Manager differs from native Domino Monitoring by reporting on ANY change to Server configurations for R6 and above, including such diverse elements as Registry Keys, Database ACLs, User Sessions and Log Events.


Product Features

  • Logs and alerts all changes made to the configuration and security of Domino Servers.

  • Enhances security by adding a Change Approval mechanism.

  • Records changes to Directory Elements, use of Full Access Administration, Database ACLs, Registry Keys, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and Server NOTES.INIs.

  • Retains an Audit Trail of changes to your environment, as well as regular Snapshots.

  • Allows you to compare against your own Benchmarks.

  • Allows you to compare Server Configurations, including INIs.

  • Allows you to validate Hub-Spoke topologies.

  • Alerts you when servers are unavailable.

  • Automatically installs and configures itself.

  • Archives data according to your rules, and logs all relevant actions.

For videos demos please click here (opens a new window)

Please contact us for a free full version trial.

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